Design.Some.Cards Proudly Risks Defying Convention This Valentines Day

Stevsnet has defied convention in the online card design market with the release of Design.Some.Cards. Further information can be found at and

Earlier today, Stevsnet finally announced the release of Design.Some.Cards – its new Online card design service, which has been in development since October 2016. The main aim is to give people greater control over the design of their Valentine’s Day cards, Wedding Invitations, Mother’s Day cards and more… but it does so, with a difference.

Stev Forster, Founder at Stevsnet, says: “We wanted to try something new with Design.Some.Cards. Anyone familiar with the online card design market will probably have noticed how everyone else seems to provide templates that limit creativity. This is a problem because you can’t design cards exactly how you’d like.”

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, Design.Some.Cards will instead let visitors quickly create cards in a flexible environment that look great. Stevsnet chose to make this move because this should allow people to create great looking gift cards and invitations and remember the service in the future.

Stev Forster also said “We want to give our customers more freedom to create great looking cards. With Design.Some.Cards, they have a fresh new possibility. We want them to feel like they can’t wait to send their cards to the people they are intended for when using Design.Some.Cards. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk we believe is worth taking.”

Stevsnet has been in business for over 20 years, being established in February 1996. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to create great products that make people’s lives easier.

This isn’t the first time Stevsnet has defied convention either. In July 2016 they caused a stir when they created some client prospecting software called Next Client that not only found business leads but also found ways to bypass the gatekeepers and deal directly with the business owners.

Design Some Cards is set to launch January 2017. To find out more, it’s possible to visit

Further information about Stevsnet can be discovered at

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