Des Moines IA Pediatric Dental Clinics Contactless Payment Solutions Launched

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Grab Customers launches Xpress-pay, a new contactless payment solution for small businesses including dental clinics needing a transition to a safer and more efficient payment method.

Grab Customers, a B2B lead generation service has launched a new digital contactless payment solution called Xpress-pay, intended for use by small businesses. The company believes Xpress-pay could be particularly valuable for pediatric dentists, due to the current pandemic and the field’s new focus on contactless solutions. Grab Customers is now offering complimentary demos for any interested dentists and dental clinics in Des Moines, Iowa.

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The new product aims to minimize contact between clients and employees while making it simple to send and receive payments, as well as collect deposits.

The pandemic has significantly changed the day-to-day operations of health care workers across the world. Dentists and dental clinics have been particularly impacted by the virus as new rules and regulations have been put in place, altering their practice with pandemic safety in mind. Switching to a contactless patient experience is not only mandatory in some states, but has been shown to improve overall efficiency and client satisfaction.

The newly launched digital contactless payment service from Grab Customers offers small businesses a solution for transitioning to a safer and more efficient method of payment and billing.

Xpress-pay can be tied to any website, email, or social media account, giving customers multiple options for remote payments.

For service-based businesses like dentists, Xpress-pay allows for the collection of customer deposits following a booking, with an instant automated full payment upon the completion of their appointment.

The service offers multiple payment set-up options such as SMS messaging, QR codes, and hyperlinks through email.

Some of the service’s features include utility and tax payment options, third party integrations, down payment options, membership and subscription options, property rent options, and B2B invoicing.

Overall, Xpress-pay intends to function as a complete payment solution for small businesses looking to digitize their billing and invoicing process.

Additional information about Xpress-pay and further details regarding how to book a demo are available at the link above.

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