Des Moines IA Mortgage Lender – FHA Homeowner/First Time Buyer Loans Launched

Leading mortgage lender in Des Moines, Iowa has announced the availability of new FHA loans for homeowners with a low credit score.

Louie Wickett – Mortgage Lender now offers a one-stop solution for existing homeowners and first-time homebuyers in the Des Moines area. The company can also provide educational content on the topic.

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The company’s new loan service provides prospective homeowners with a streamlined process for understanding what kind of mortgage they can afford. Clients can also obtain information regarding taxes incurred after qualifying for a mortgage.

Recent industry reports have shown that the Des Moines real estate market is ideal for those looking to purchase their first home. With a multitude of desirable homes currently on the market, many clients are choosing to turn to experienced lenders to help them negotiate the best terms on their mortgages.

Louie Wickett – Mortgage Lender works with first-time buyers to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge they need to choose the loan that best fits their budget and long-term goals.

As part of the company’s commitment to buyers, their website features a guide outlining traditional, FHA, and VA mortgages. As explained on the website, FHA mortgages require only a 3.5% down payment, significantly less than the 20% down payment common with other types of mortgages. This makes FHA mortgages ideal for first-time or low-income buyers. Eligibility criteria for FHA mortgages and a guide for purchasing mortgage insurance can also be found on the website.

In addition to information on FHA loans, the website also features a number of educational blogs covering various topics, including navigating inflation in the housing market, tips for the Des Moines housing market, and information on refinancing a mortgage. The company aims to teach clients how to plan their housing budget and what monthly payments they can expect based on the size of their down payment.

With the latest announcement, Louie Wickett – Mortgage Lender uses their platform to ensure first-time homebuyers are well informed at every step of their real estate experience.

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“Mortgages made easy is the key to my business. If someone wants to apply for their first mortgage, VA loan, FHA loan, or conventional mortgage, I want the process to be simple and smooth for them. I pride myself on being my customers’ ‘lender for life'”, said Mr. Wickett when asked about his business philosophy.

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