Des Moines IA Career Counseling Therapist – Stress/Burnout Therapy Launched

Des Moines, IA - Midwest Center for Transformational Change (319-214-3377) announces its strengthened career counseling services for professionals who feel stuck in their chosen job. Supported by Anne Lindyberg, LMHC, clients are guided towards their true vocation.

According to licensed mental health counselor, Anne Lindyberg, founder of the Midwest Center for Transformational Change more people today then ever before are suffering from career burnout- includes feelings of confusion, boredom, stress and overwhelm. Anne Lindyberg transformative coaching sessions supports success in the workplace environment and help clients make better career choices.

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With the center’s newly expanded services, clients learn how to successfully develop their career path so that it is not only financially beneficial but emotionally fulfilling as well. Lindyberg uses Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to support clients in transforming limiting beliefs developing powerful strategies for self-support that will take them to the next level.

A 2021 report by Indeed has found that employee burnout is on a rise, with 52% of respondents experiencing workplace stress. This has worsened from the previous year and experts believe that the current health crisis has substantially changed how employees perform their jobs. They note that now, more than ever, do professionals value work culture more than any other factor in their careers.

In particular, employees need to feel that their workplace offers “psychological safety” – a term used to describe how safe a person feels to voice their opinions to their coworkers and bosses. The less psychologically safe an employee feels, the higher the risk of workplace burnout.

Employees who feel more tired and less motivated at work may need more proactive support. Lindyberg has seen that the traditional advice of just “getting over it” causes more harm than good. he Midwest Center for Transformational Change provides compassionate evidence based, systems oriented career counseling interventions for professionals experiencing workplace burnout hat transforms not just the employee but the workplace itself.

Through regular and consistent sessions, Lindyberg helps clients truly connects with what they want to do, how they can do it, and build better teams because of it. The goal use the “stuck” feelings that arise, to open up the idea that work can be nourishing emotionally, not just financially.

In-person office visits are available for residents in Cedar Rapids and telehealth sessions are available for clients receiving services anywhere in Iowa or abroad. Anna Lindyberg also offers intensive in-person sessions

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