Des Moines Dryer Vent Cleaning – There’s A New Dryer Vent Cleaner In Town

Supreme Dryer Vent Cleaning releases teaser information on the upcoming launch of its new Dryer Vent Cleaning discount. Further information can be found at

Supreme Dryer Vent Cleaning, LLC of Ogden, Iowa announced today that they will be providing dryer vent cleaning service in the Des Moines metro area. People can expect to see dramatic savings in cleaning costs and energy costs. Supreme has released three things fans, reviewers and critics can expect from the inception of the company.

The first thing folks should expect from dryer vent cleaning is a big improvement in reduced dryer times when drying a single load of clothes along with money savings from the shortened time. Supreme Dryer Vent Cleaning makes this happen by utilizing a special cleaning system that uses high pressure air and a special skipper hose that blows the air backwards. They simply work from the outside of the house and they use the high air pressure to blow the built-up lint to the outside as they insert the hose and special skipper end into the vent line and work their way towards the dryer. In most cases the dryer never has to be disconnected.

Secondly, to go along with the air cleaning system, Supreme Dryer Vent Cleaning also uses a back pressure tester to measure the air flow after cleaning. If the line has been thoroughly cleaned the tester will indicate great air flow. If the line still has lint it will read inadequate air flow. This lets the dryer owner know if the job has been done correctly. Dryer vent fires are very common and they can be prevented with a good cleaning of the vent lines. Supreme also utilizes a Vane Anemometer to test the speed of the air as it exits the dryer vent cap.

The final thing Rick Hamilton, Owner at Supreme Dryer Vent Cleaning wants people to know is that poor cleaning job can actually increase the potential for fires! It is wise to hire someone with the right tools, equipment and training. Rick has been certified by the National Chimney Sweep Association as a “Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician,” by passing a rigorous examination pertaining to the codes and regulations of installing and maintaining dryer vent lines.

Rick says, “Dryer fires are the number one cause of house fires in this country and I offer a service that can not only eliminate the possibility of fire but will reduce drying time saving the customers money. I have been fully trained to handle any situation. In fact my work always comes with a six month guarantee.”

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