Derby UK Debt Collectors Agency – Best B2B Recovery Cash Flow Solutions Expanded

Taurus Collections (0800-069-8777) has expanded its nationwide B2B debt collection services in light of the financial cash flow problems many companies experience amid the pandemic's impact on the economy.

Taurus Collections announced the expansion of its B2B debt recovery services to help local establishments recover dues from non-paying customers. The 15-year-old commercial debt collectors agency, known for its professionalism and fair, results-oriented ethos, aims to eliminate the strain on organizations imposed by non-paying customers.

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Taurus Collections’ wide-ranging expertise assists firms of all sizes and all market sectors, from construction and engineering to telecommunications and manufacturing with its “No Win No Fee Debt Recovery” program, which also covers the clients’ ongoing costs and interest earned. This policy ensures the customer’s peace of mind, by guaranteeing that Taurus’s compensation only accompanies the successful debt resolution.

The annual amount of business and corporate loans in the UK, estimated to be over 400 billion pounds pre-pandemic, is predicted to rise to over 500 billion pounds by 2023. The dramatic rise of business financing, a direct consequence of liquidity issues in the wake of the pandemic, will heighten demand for the debt collection industry’s services, as lenders are more likely to track down more loans.

The industry is anticipated to benefit greatly from businesses outsourcing debt collection services, as the monies tied up in overdue receivables continues to grow. Additionally, advances in software modelling will lower the costs of locating, contacting, and convincing non-paying debtor entities that wish to “disappear.”

Taurus Collections appreciates the fundamental dilemma companies often face: on the one hand, they don’t want to waste time chasing debts, but on the other hand, they are concerned about their own brand and customer relationships. Additionally, they often lack the tools (whether human or technical) to resolve all bad debts successfully.

The Derby-based organization with branches in Chester and Cheltenham, staffed and managed by experts, has market sector-wide familiarity and experience with all cash flow issues that can arise. Their team is able to see the debtor’s perspective and work with the relevant individuals and organizations to manage the problems professionally and smoothly to full resolution and restitution. This enables Taurus Collections’ clients to focus on their own business moving forward. Unpaid debt impacts cash flow, which, in turn, can place an uncomfortable strain on business resources.

Additional services offered nationwide by Taurus Collections include outsourced credit control, pre-legal services, insolvency services, business finance, cashflow solutions, invoice factoring, and statutory demands.

“We pride ourselves on our speed and efficiency, but also our sense of integrity,” said a company spokesperson. “We are committed to resolving outstanding debt while protecting the client’s brand at all times.”

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