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Taurus Debt Collection has launched an updated range of services for UK business owners looking to collect debt. Their recently updated services take into account the specific circumstances of the pandemic.

Derby, UK-based Taurus Debt Collection updated their services to operate in the economic climate of the global pandemic. While businesses in the UK are affected by the slow-down of the economy, Taurus is a debt collection service that continues to function, adapting their methods to suit the current situation. Contacting clients on a business’s behalf, they offer services including invoice recovery, credit checking, and business debt collection.

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The latest announcement aims to provide an effective solution for creditors in the UK. The International Monetary Fund forecasts a debt of over £400 billion for UK citizens over the next two years. While many business owners are reluctant to collect debts. Taurus Debt Collection believes that it is only fair for clients or associates to pay what they owe.

Using multiple channels to contact debtors, and being especially adept at communicating by telephone, Taurus specializes in achieving results even in cases when the creditor has been unable to collect the money owed. Although debt collection might prove more complicated in the foreseeable future, Taurus has succeeded by building rapport with debtors while effectively stating their case.

This firm and efficient approach has yielded quick results. One piece of advice that Taurus gives to business owners wishing to collect outstanding invoices is to act immediately since the quicker an invoice is sent; the quicker payment can be received. This is especially true in the current circumstances, when communication often takes longer than expected.

Their No Win No Fee debt recovery ensures that business owners can use the service at no risk to themselves. Taurus does not charge an hourly rate. Instead, they collect a percentage of the revenue paid back by the debtors.

Taurus also provides credit checks to ensure the safety of business-to-business dealings with new or current partners. The reports are conducted using scientifically validated methods, taking into account references, incorporation details, and credit histories.

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A satisfied customer said: “I contacted Taurus to collect a significant debt from a difficult client after several weeks of chasing them myself. Within two weeks, they had collected the full debt on my behalf.”

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