Denver Sports Medicine Experts Start 4th Season With Metro State University

Chiropractic Solutions of Denver, a top rated Denver Chiropractor, begin their 4th season providing Chiropractic and Acupuncture services to Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Chiropractic Solutions of Denver, a top-rated Chiropractor in Denver, is pleased to announce the renewal of service agreement with Metropolitan State University of Denver for its fourth season. The renowned Denver Sports Medicine Clinic will be offering services for the campus from the clinic in the fall as the college is not likely to be back on campus until at least spring.

Certified in 17 different chiropractic and soft tissue techniques, Chiropractic Solutions of Denver offers specialized service in chiropractic techniques, acupuncture, physical therapy, sports medicine, and physiotherapy.

They provide treatments for ankle injuries, auto injuries, back pain, hip pain/injuries, knee pain/injuries, low back pain/injuries, neck pain/injuries, shoulder pain/injuries, soft tissue injuries, strains/sprains, wrist pain/injuries and more.

Chiropractic Solutions of Denver is owned and operated by noted Denver Chiropractor Dr. Brandon Baldwin. Having worked with medal-winning Olympic athletes and several pro sports teams, Dr. Baldwin is uniquely qualified to take care of all types of sports-related injuries!

Since its inception in 2012, the clinic has successfully handled all types of sports injury cases including tennis elbow, swimmer’s shoulder, Illotibial (IT) Band Syndrome, low back pain, knee pain, neck pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, Plantar Fasciitis, and more with much success. Chiropractic Solutions of Denver are considered Sports Medicine Experts!

Popularly known as MSU Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver is a member of NCAA Division II and competes in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference. They currently sponsor 16 sports, providing over 200 student-athletes an opportunity to compete in one of the top programs in NCAA Division II while earning their degree.

Since joining the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference in 1996, MSU Denver has won 44 RMAC Tournament championships and 43 regular-season championships!

“Most athletes come to realize that Chiropractic Care serves as an excellent option for injury prevention and sports injury treatment. Beyond that, chiropractic offers countless additional benefits that can increase performance naturally and can make an improvement in their sporting results,” said Dr. Baldwin.

“We take pride in working with the trainers and treating the student athletes at Metro State University for the fourth consecutive season! This year, however, we will be working with them from our clinic because the campus is not expected to open anytime soon due to the ongoing COVID situation.”

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