Denver SEO Experts Outline “Find-Fix-Finish” Strategy to Grow Small Businesses

Targeted Laser SEO, a Denver-based search engine optimization firm, employs a unique strategy they termed "Find-Fix-Finish" to help clients meet their digital marketing goals.

DENVER, CO–Denver SEO experts, Targeted Laser SEO, employ a unique strategy they call “Find-Fix-Finish” to help small businesses increase their online presence, gain more customers and clients, and, ultimately, grow their businesses and revenues.

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Trevor Shirk, Founder and CEO of Targeted Laser SEO, broke down the three-step process,

“Find means first identifying what is important to a client, what is not important, and what will help them achieve their online business goals. This also means pinpointing any problems and possible solutions and knowing what actions have worked for a business previously and which ones have not. Fix equals time to execute. This is where we make changes and take action to achieve the desired results that were discovered and discussed in the ‘Find’ phase. Finally, in the Finish phase, we analyze our results, make adjustments, and look for ways we can continually improve our strategies to produce the best results for that small business.”

When asked to talk more about Targeted Laser SEO’s unique marketing strategy, Mr. Shirk had this to say, “We do SEO and digital marketing because it allows us to have the biggest impact and continue to serve people outside of the Army. With our years of experience targeting terrorists and finding IEDs, we are uniquely gifted at knowing the right actions to take which will result in the greatest return on investment for you and your business goals.”

Targeted Laser SEO is a premier, Denver-based search engine optimization and digital marketing firm dedicated to helping small business owners grow their businesses online. Targeted Laser SEO serves small businesses throughout the country and specializes in working with laser aesthetic practices.

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