Denver Personal Training Company Says A Trainer’s Role Is Evolving

The owner of a personal training company serving clients in Denver, Wheat Ridge, and Lakewood says personal trainers need to be part of an allied healthcare team to ensure clients achieve their health and wellness goals.

The owner of a personal training company operating in the Denver, Wheat Ridge, and Lakewood areas says a trainer’s role is evolving to become a more involved part of an allied healthcare team.

Arnas Butkus, the owner of One Goal Denver, says, “a certified personal trainer has to be a part of an allied healthcare team, working with physicians, nutritionists, physical therapists, psychologists, and other health and wellness professionals to ensure that the client achieves their health and wellness goals.”

“Sometimes this includes addressing muscle imbalances and using corrective exercise to eliminate joint and muscle pain, and decrease the likelihood of future injuries. Other times it means referring the client to a medical professional for a chronic health condition, or to a registered dietitian for help with daily diet.”

Accredited personal trainer certifying agencies require personal trainers to complete certain continuing education credits every few years to maintain their certification. These credits often address topics such as weight management, behavior change, nutrition, and corrective exercise. The credits come in handy when addressing the lifestyle changes that clients need to make, and in communicating with healthcare professionals.

Butkus says, “While increased team work between health and wellness professionals is imperative, it needs to happen without compromising patient privacy. It is very important to follow several best practices to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of a client’s personal information. Health and fitness professionals who work within a healthcare setting or are paid for or reimbursed by a health plan are required to adhere to HIPAA.”

There’s a transformation occurring in healthcare, a shift towards preventative care. It’s occurring because the current system of helping individuals with obesity, chronic pain, and other lifestyle diseases is expensive, unsustainable, and often too late. Exercise professionals are a part of the solution, but it’s a team effort.

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