Denver Landscaper offers Professional Advice for Hiring a Landscaping Company

5 Tips to choose the best landscaping company in Denver. Every job is different, so every company is not good for every job. It is about matching the right landscaping company with the right job.

Denver, CO, United States – /PressCable/Wild Irishman has been a Denver Landscaper for 15 years and has seen many companies come and go over the years. Each year, there are brand new marketing campaigns and many companies fighting for business. Before an individual decides to hire a landscaper in Denver, there are some concerns that should be addressed:Does the Landscaper Carry Liability Insurance?A home is a valuable asset. In order to improve home values, one can choose to invest in a landscaping project. However, if the project damages the home, this is a bad situation. According to Wild Irishman president Duane O'Hara, “I have seen people spend $30,000 on a landscaping job and have that job decrease the value of the home $30,000 because of the damage the job caused. The biggest issues are generally when water grades aren't looked at carefully enough and water begins to run into the house rather than away from the house, causing major structural damage.”Most established Landscaping companies will carry at least $1 Million in coverage as homes they work on can easily get to that price point.Can the Landscaper Show “Before and After” Evidence they Can do the Project?Each Landscaper has their niches and specialties. Some will focus on Rock Walls, some on Xeriscapes, some on Hardscapes, some on water features. Knowing what the landscaper is most comfortable doing will go a long way in determining which landscaper to hire. The more important part of this equation is seeing what jobs that cost different amounts turned out like. This allows one to see if the landscaper can complete a job with similar budgets which produce results the home owner would be happy with.Know What is Needed Most consumers are unsure of exactly what they are looking for, this is a common cause of frustration as well as disappointment with the final job. When a consumer knows what they are looking for, the landscaping project goes more smoothly and ultimately the consumer is happier. According to O'Hara, “Each customer we work with we spend time to understand what they are looking for, if they are not sure we do landscaping computer animations so the client can see what our proposal should look like when it is finished. This makes our customers much happier and is a policy we implemented this past year as it helps improve client satisfaction.” Have a Signed Work Order Agreement in Place Before Work StartsHaving signed agreements will show the scope of work the landscaper is intending to complete and will clear up disagreements about what was included for the quoted price. Sometimes in the discussions of a project one party can believe it was a question being asked and the other party believes an agreement was made. Signed documentation helps clear the air and ensures both parties are on the same page.Make Sure the Landscaper Will be Around for a WhileThis doesn't mean only hire firms that have been in business forever, it means make sure whoever is hired is invested in their success. Do they have a website, do they have trucks with logos, do they have staff or is it a one man operation? The reason this matters is if something is done wrong, will they come back and fix it? The worst case scenario for an individual is paying money down and then having the landscaping company file for bankruptcy and the money is gone.Hiring a professional landscaper in Denver can be a big project. Making sure the choice of a landscaper with the skills required to complete the job is systematic and logical is critical to a successful outcome. There are many quality landscaping companies in Denver, and with many choices, there are just as many ways to go wrong. Wild Irishman has been a landscaping company in Denver for over 15 years with primary specialty in improving curb appeal through xeriscapes, hardscapes, rock walls, sprinkler installations, flagstone patios and walkways and other aesthetic additions to a home's landscaping portfolio. They can be reached at (303) 233-1302 or by filling out this form for landscaping services in Denver. Carrying 1 million in liability helps to ensure the job will be completed without any risk to the clients biggest asset they likely have, their home.

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