Denver IV Vitamin Therapy Natural Cleansing/Immunity Infusion Treatment Launched

The Earth is Calling Natural Remedies has launched an all-natural immunity-boosting Vitamin C IV therapy for residents of Denver and surrounding areas.

The Earth is Calling Natural Remedies, a Colorado-based healing practitioner set up by Holly Deffert, RN announced the launch of IV vitamin therapy at its holistic care center. The clinic provides ozone therapy, holistic healthcare, and regenerative medicine to clients in Denver and the surrounding areas.

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The Denver IV therapy specialist clinic has launched personalized vitamin infusion treatments as a safe way to improve energy levels, immunity, and hydration.

The latest announcement aims to promote an affordable and transparent alternative to traditional medicine in the areas of general health, wellness, and recovery services.

The team at The Earth is Calling Natural Remedies aims to provide natural alternatives to pharmaceutical products, using vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants to speed up recovery from dehydration, headaches, and the effect of toxins.

The Earth is Calling Natural Remedies offers high-dose IV vitamin C infusions to support the immune system’s ability to neutralize and eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

IV infusion treatments are the most efficient way to deliver vitamins and bypass the digestive process, maximizing absorption. The IV infusion clinic in Denver offers customized all-natural vitamin IV pushes.

All treatments at The Earth is Calling Natural Remedies are administered by registered nurses and nurse practitioners to ensure accurate dosing and patient safety.

The center does not recommend IV Vitamin C therapy to those with iron overload disease, patients with renal failure, and those on dialysis.

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The Earth is Calling Natural Remedies Nurse Practitioner Stefany Carstensen is a Board-certified Medical Nurse who has worked in mainstream medical nursing for over 20 years. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Science in nursing in 2000, and a master’s degree in nursing in 2008.

She shares a passion for natural regenerative healthcare with The Earth is Calling Natural Remedies’ owner and founder Holly Deffert, a Registered Nurse who has specialized in emergency department nursing for over a decade.

Speaking of her vision, Deffert states “I believe in treating the mind, body, and spirit of each person, not just symptoms of a disease. The goal is to achieve maximum wellbeing where everything is functioning at its optimal level.”

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