Denver Colorado Buyers Agent Shares 3 Tips to Become Smart Home Buyer and Seller

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Know the 3 tips to become a smart home buyer and seller. This will help consumers find the right agent effortlessly and have a successful and satisfactory transaction.

A new report and podcast released by Denver’s best agent finder service examine tips to become a smart home buyer and seller shared at the Colorado KHOW Real Estate Consumer Radio Show hosted by Denver host, Barry Miller, and Colorado Springs co-host, Larry Stanley. The 3 tips shared by the host are 1) consult a real estate expert; 2) utilize the internet, and 3) attend informative real estate programs and events. In line with the third tip, the radio presenters will host a free boot camp on September 21, 2019, that will discuss how to be savvy and safe when buying or selling a home.

The report may be found here: along with a link to the full one hour broadcast of the show and information on a free real estate boot camp.

To buy or sell a home is not an easy process. Consumers may encounter challenges and mistakes before reaching the other end of the line. To avoid this pitfalls and obstacles, being a smart consumer is vital in doing this decision for successful results.

Why do people buy or sell their home? When talking about real estate, financial considerations weigh in heavily. But based on the National Housing Survey, the other reasons people tend to want to relocate are 1) privacy and safety; 2) health and 3) entertainment and recreation. Every consumers has their own desired goals and benefits as to why they are moving to a specific area, or why they wanted to sell their home. It may be because they want a stable and safe environment for their family, or have easy access to the medical facilities in an area. Some consumers are also after adventures and other recreational activities that a certain communities offer. People’s desired benefits and goals vary. But whatever the reason may be, it is the agent’s responsibility to help fulfill those goals with the right property.

For consumers who want to be safe and smart when buying or selling a home, a consultation with a trusted and reliable expert will help start the whole process. The Buyer Agent Search Service headed by Kathleen Chiras provides a sort of a one-stop-shop where consumers can get free recommendations of top-notch agents locally and out of states. To make sure consumers will find the best match, the service spends time listening to their needs and preferences carefully. They also guide consumers on how to interview agents, a vital part of the process, before hiring them. A set of good interview questions along with the agent’s profile and real estate background are given to them as well.

The Buyer Agent Search program is committed to providing highly-qualified agents that will only serve the consumer’s best interest. To start looking for rated, reviewed, and experienced top-notch agent anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Costa Rica, consumers may go to If looking for exclusive buyer agents specifically in Colorado, consumers may visit the Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association at

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