Denver CO Real Estate 3D iGuide Virtual Tour Professional Service Launched

Colorful Virtual Tours has updated its iGuide 360 Virtual Tour for people in the Denver area of Colorado looking for a visually detailed and interactive way of promoting their property online.

Colorful Virtual Tours in Denver, Colorado, has launched its new 360-degree iGuide virtual property tours for realtors. With 3D iGuide virtual tours and interactive floor plans, the company allows people to view properties remotely with highly detailed images.

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The newly launched service from Colorful Virtual Tours is especially relevant in the current social distancing era, as it allows for buyers to display their properties, and sellers to view them, with reduced risk.

The ability to look at a property in detail is vital for prospective buyers, and being able to accurately consider measurements, locations, and designs can often be difficult for people to visualize. If a buyer has already visited a property or browsing online, having detailed images can help them make their purchasing decisions.

Colorful Virtual Tours uses HDR photography, aerial drones, videography, and revolutionary iGUIDE® technology to produce highly detailed and accurate three-dimensional tours and interactive floor plans. These tours allow buyers to consider a property with a truly immersive visual experience.

The technology used for developing the virtual tours can scan and photograph a 3000 square foot property within an hour, reducing the time needed for photographers to attend a location, which is another vital benefit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Denver company is run by former realtor and professional photographer Paul Maynard. Paul’s 30 years as a photographer, coupled with his previous realtor experience, gives him a unique insight. His visual expertise and industry knowledge of what buyers are looking for can help sellers and realtors promote properties to maximize their potential.

Colorful Virtual Tours offers an iGuide 360 virtual tour bundle, which includes up to 40 images, a property website, and a full marketing kit. The tours consist of labeled interactive floor plans with laser-accurate measurements, giving viewers the ability to move from room to room. Furthermore, there are no monthly subscription fees for the service, making it more cost-effective than other competitors.

A previous client of the Denver company said, “Paul Maynard is a fantastic real estate photographer. Seriously the best photos at a fair price. In this industry, it is tough to find great home photographers who do the job right.”

The company also has a secondary website which can be found here

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website mentioned above.

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