Denver CO Experts Discusses How Buyers Can Safely and Legally Do Home Showings

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While the end of Covid may be in sight, we are still in the midst of the Pandemic. Here you will find current guidelines on how buyers gents and their clients safely do home showings today.

The hosts of The B&L Consumers Real Estate Radio Show, Barry Miller and Larry Stanley discussed how to safely and legally do home showings during a live podcast and provided buyers with useful tips and recommendations.

The summary of their recommendations can be read in full here:

According to National Association of Realtors, they conducted a flash survey of members on the impact of the coronavirus on their market. The survey was delivered to a random sample of 89,813 members. Twenty-seven percent of members were able to complete nearly all aspects of transactions while respecting the social distance guidelines. With minor modifications such as using masks and gloves, 40 percent felt person-to-person interactions were still required.

Since the pandemic is not yet over, as a safety precaution, the recommendations include coordinating showings with the sellers. Some showings are not allowed when the property is not vacant. So a good workaround is to set an appointment to see the house when the sellers are, for example, out to the grocery store or away for the whole day.

Also, during the podcast, Barry stated that the use of technology has become the new norm in conducting real estate transactions. NAR Statistics supports this showing how realtors conduct business using technology tools with COVID-19. Among the most common services and most popular online tools are: Live Videos, Social Media, E-Closing Technology, E-Signatures, Virtual Tours, Messaging Apps, Webex/Zoom.

Home buyer guidance is provided by Skyfor’s National Buyer Agents Association. A list of agent contacts can be found for all 50 states at this link: free list of agents is available 7 days/week and live staff are available to discuss specific questions by calling their office at 800-383-7188.

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