Denver CO Exosome Therapy Regenerative Medicine – Pain Relief Treatment Launched

Denver, CO - Aspen Institute for Anti-Aging And Regenerative Medicine (970-279-8348) strengthens its portfolio of medical services for those suffering from chronic or acute pain. Specializing in exosome treatment, the clinic helps patients regain normalcy in their lives with proven practices.

Addressing a growing demand in the market for safe and innovative therapy for chronic or acute pain, Aspen Institute launches its updated exosome treatments. The minimal pain program is a recommended option for older patients who want rapid relief from their pain along with improved mobility.

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The newly improved treatment injects exosomes, which are small naturally occurring membranous vesicles, into the target site. Numerous studies have seen that the excess of exosomes triggers the natural healing processes of the body, especially among the elderly who have a diminished supply in their bodies. Over time, consistent and regular treatment can help lessen pain associated with conditions such as arthritis.

Though often confused with stem cell therapy, exosome treatment is quite different, with the latter offering distinct benefits for chronic and acute pain. Whereas stem cells are special types of cells that act as repair mechanisms in the body, exosomes carry the genetic information to cells, effectively improving communication between them.

This implies that exosome treatments are safer and less painful because they can be extracted from donated human cells, rather than from the donor’s bones. Injected intravenously, the exosome solutions contain valuable messenger RNA and proteins that enhance cell-to-cell communication for faster recovery.

Experts have noted that compared to stem cells, exosomes have around thrice the number of growth factors, consequently improving recovery time and requiring fewer treatment sessions. Older patients who participate in exosome treatment often report an almost immediate benefit, with significantly reduced pain around their joints after the first session.

Aspen Institute is the leading provider of exosome treatment in the area. Led by Dr. Julian Gershon, the clinic is dedicated to creating personalized treatment plans for each specific condition. It believes that there is no cookie-cutter approach to therapy and offers custom packages for every patient.

New clients are invited to arrange their complimentary consultation with the team through its website. This is to comply with current health guidelines to practice social distancing.

The clinic maintains two branches in Denver and Aspen.

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