Denver CO Buyers Agent Reports on Selecting the Best Real Estate Investor Broker

Learn the things to keep in mind when investing in the residential real estate market and the qualities to look for to find the right agent. An upcoming Free Denver workshop is announced.

A short guide to selecting the best real estate broker for investors was discussed at the Colorado KHOW Real Estate Consumer Radio Show hosted by Denver host, Barry Miller, and Colorado Spring co-host, Larry Stanley. They also announced an upcoming free “Hot-Spot Seminar” on June 5, 2019, 7 pm – 8:40 pm. The seminar will discuss a complete guide to residential real estate investing. The goal is to help the audience become well-informed real estate investors.

Interested participants may call 303-670-0246 or fill out the contact us form at Skyfor’s Buyer Agent Search site to receive registration information. The whole summary of May 25, 2018, Barry and Larry Radio Show may be found here:

The seminar will discuss 1 the kinds of returns investors can expect on their real estate investments; 2) the planning process involved in buying properties and 3) best and right cities to invest in.

The summary also discussed how to select the best real estate agent. The host shared a tip that consumers should get more than just a licensed agent. They should screen agents to find ones who provide the specialized services needed by serious investors, including strong analytical skills. Investors should find an agent that 1) chooses fast-growing markets, 2) monitors markets for monthly economic changes, and 3) suggests when is the best time to sell. The agent should also help their client obtain a mortgage, get insurance, and find a good property manager.

Purchasing or investing in a home requires a lot of work as consumers will most likely have to deal with many different service providers before closing. That’s why it is vital to find the right agent who knows the best service providers. Consumers who want to either buy, sell, or invest in properties may utilize the free consultation service by Skyfor Inc.’s Buyer Agent Search Service. This service is managed by Kathleen Chiras, who has been giving personalized consultation for over 20 years. The program has a selection screen for agents who are experienced in working with investors. They have a wide network of highly experienced and knowledgeable agents anywhere in the United States, Canada, and Costa Rica.

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An update on loans was also shared in the summary. The 30-year fixed rate conventional loan is at 4.625% while the FHA VA loan is at under 4%.

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