Denver CO Artificial Turf Installation Eco-Assessment/Cost Report Released

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Leaders in artificial turf and professional installations, Denver Artificial Grass Pros (720-712-3529), in Denver, CO, have released a report that examines the benefits today’s artificial turf brings to homeowners, commercial organizations, and the environment.

More and more attention is being drawn to the world’s limited resources and the habits today’s consumers can adopt to help preserve the planet. Restricting water use and reducing carbon emissions are two ways humans can halt climate change. The new report points to the benefits of artificial grass installations as a step in this direction, citing a reduction in water waste, gas emissions, and the carbon footprint left by synthetic fertilizer production.

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Studies confirm the volume of resources required to keep lawns alive is staggering. While lawns cover over 63,000 square miles of land throughout America, they may no longer fit the realities of today’s world. The latest report is pointing to the advantages of artificial grass as an aesthetically pleasing alternative to live lawns, and a convenient, cost-effective way to reduce water waste and carbon emissions.

The Denver Artificial Grass Pros report notes that while natural grass may present as a less expensive option to artificial grass, the cost of maintaining a well-manicured lawn is often well beyond what homeowners expect. When reseeding, aeration, fertilizing, landscaping, mowing, and sprinkler systems are considered, expenses run into the high thousands, year after year.

In comparison, artificial lawns present a higher upfront cost because of their advanced materials and the cost of installation, yet maintenance costs come in at near zero. Artificial grass also saves time, effort, and energy.

Manufacturers have made significant strides in the production of synthetic grass. Today’s turf looks and feels like natural, healthy grass. It stays green all year round, eliminates mud buildup during fall and winter, is easy to clean, and improves drainage. It is durable and soft, and when installed by the team at Denver Artificial Grass Pros comes with a 15-year warranty.

Opportunities to save with artificial turf include residential lawns, putting greens, playgrounds, Bocce Ball clubs, and event spaces. And since it’s non-toxic, artificial turf is a smart choice for pet owners.

With the release of their report, the industry professionals Denver Artificial Grass Pros are leading the charge in a necessary shift in paradigms. Owing to its aesthetic appeal, advanced manufacturing methods, and its positive impact on the environment, choosing to have artificial turf professionally installed saves today’s consumers more than just money alone.

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