Denver AI Chatbot Online Digital Marketing Support & Sales Service Launched

A new voice bot AI assistant service has been launched by MVP Web Services. This helps to improve customer experience and streamline the buying process.

MVP Web Services has launched a new AI voice bot call assistant for marketing teams, sales professionals, and service calls. It allows anyone to increase the power of their sales teams, and allow marketing and customer service teams to improve their customer’s experience.

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One of the key benefits of the newly launched service is that it allows sales teams to transfer hot leads with ease, while marketing teams can generate more leads on autopilot.

Some of the common use cases for the new service launch include lead qualification, renewals, payment collections, enrollments, demo reminders, and events.

The team explains that businesses in any niche can qualify leads in five minutes, schedule an appointment, or do a hot transfer to their team. They can also automate the bot call triggers on form submission, email open, or clicking links.

Clients can remind customers to renew their insurance policy before it expires, renew their subscription, and offer a positive lead-in to an upsell on products or services.

Voice activated chat bots are cutting edge tools that can communicate with customers through voice. They are capable of accepting a command in both written form and oral form, leading to a more engaging buying process for the customer.

By using pre-recorded and text-to-speech responses, the tool can address the questions that users and consumers pose. Customers are increasingly used to AI conversations due to the rise in popularity of Siri, Cortana, Alexa and other voice activated technology.

Businesses can now tap into this market and offer a powerful but familiar shopping and support experience. Dealing with a voice activated chat bot is appropriate for today’s world, where more people are multi-tasking than ever before.

It is also a great support option for those who can’t read very well, or have trouble using technology. The tool leads to improved efficiency while browsing websites, and improved support during every step of the buying process.

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Release ID: 88925740