Dentures and Partial Dentures Greenville SC To Replace Missing Teeth Updated

Todays Dental has updated its treatments for complete and partial dentures. The Greenville, South Carolina dental practice serves patients who require replacements for missing teeth.

Greenville, South Carolina-based dental practitioners Todays Dental have launched new updates to their specialist procedures for dentures and partial dentures.

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The updated treatments allow Todays Dental to boost oral health in the Greenville community with advanced dental care. To ensure that they can provide optimal solutions to all dental issues, the practice provides removable partial dentures for the upper teeth and front teeth alongside permanent partial dentures.

Todays Dental offers dentures and partial dentures in order to meet rising local demands for specialist dental treatments. Reasons that might necessitate the procedure include decay or recent damage to existing teeth. As such, the Greenville practice is able to assist patients who require extensive teeth replacements or substitutes for a single missing tooth.

According to practice representatives, partial dentures are suited for patients who need to replace individual teeth, whether due to loss or decay. A variety of options are available at Todays Dental, such as upper partial dentures as well as those that are permanently fixed onto crowns.

Patients in Greenville will benefit from the non-invasive nature of treatments for partial dentures. They present a more affordable alternative to dental implants with minimal maintenance. By filling the gaps caused by missing teeth, partial dentures can also stop natural teeth from shifting and becoming crooked.

In cases where patients require a full set of replacement teeth, the Greenville practice also provides complete dentures. Depending on the severity of the patient’s unique case, either option may be more suitable.

The professional dentists at Todays Dental are equipped to advise patients on the most advantageous choice for their needs. They explain that immediate options can allow the gums to appropriately heal while conventional dentures are designed for long-term practicality.

A spokesperson from the practice said: “Though every effort is made to maintain the health of one’s natural teeth, there are some instances where teeth are lost or must be removed due to extensive decay or injury. Where this is the case, replacements are absolutely essential in order to restore proper structure and function in the oral cavity. Complete and partial dentures are one such tooth replacement option.”

Interested parties in Greenville and nearby are invited to visit to learn more about the complete and partial dentures offered at Todays Dental.

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