Dentist Wailuku Maui, HI Shares New Blog Post on Dentures for Families & Adults

Dentist Dr. Miyamoto from Wailuku and Maui area in Hawaii publishes new blog post exploring the benefits of dentures for adults and families. There are different types of dentures available on the market, and Dr. Miyamoto discusses what works for a patient's specific needs.

Dr. Mike Miyamoto, a highly regarded dentist in Wailuku, HI, has published a new blog post explaining the benefits of dentures. It debunks the common myths about dentures and offers relevant information on their advantages.

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Statista records show that in 2015, about 25% of respondents occasionally avoided smiling due to the condition of their teeth and mouth. According to other statistics, approximately 10% of the overall population (about 36 million Americans) wear dentures. The Wailuku dentist advises the public to maximize the benefits that dentures provide.

In the blog post, Dr. Miyamoto begins by explaining that dentures are no longer what they used to be – fake-looking stuff, and obvious to anyone that sees them. He goes on to state that thanks to modern removable prosthetic dentistry, dentures today are not only natural looking, but they can feel and function like normal teeth especially with the use of implants to help with retention.

The Wailuku dentist explains that there are different types of dentures available for patients. To replace a few lost teeth, partial dentures are used, while full dentures replace the whole set of teeth. They offer patients a normal mouth again even after losing their teeth.

On top of his list of denture advantages is the ability to enjoy a healthier diet. Loss of one or more teeth, especially premolars and molars, could limit the kind of food a person can eat. With dentures, many patients do not need to choose foods based on what can be chewed.

Another benefit of dentures is the effect they have on the face. Facial muscles are supported by the gums and teeth. Thus, the loss of teeth causes sagging of the face. Dentures that are properly fitted yield a similar effect to that of a face lift.

Additionally, having dentures reduces the number of times the patient needs to visit the dentist after the dentures are fitted. Patients can eventually revert to annual checkups.

Dr. Miyamoto attained his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree and graduated with honors at the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in Maryland in 1987. He was then selected to join the Gamma Pi Delta Prosthodontic Honor Society. Since then, he continued to sharpen his skills and completed over 1400 hours of advanced continuous training. He is passionate about offering patients excellent advice and dental services.

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