Dentist South Amboy Old Bridge Township Assisting NJ Children and Family in Need

Dr. Blagoev started a charitable campaign called "Share a Smile, Make a Smile" to help hungry families and children. This campaign is open to the public. Anyone can share a selfie on their social media profile, and Dr. Blagoev will donate a meal for each.

Dr. Mariana Blagoev, a reputable dentist, recently launched a charitable campaign that sought to help families and children facing hunger. The initiative, “Share a Smile, Make a Smile”, is based on the selfie concept that is so popular worldwide.

The goal of the campaign is to use selfies to put a smile on someone else’s face. Participants take selfies and share the photos on social media, and for each photo shared, a meal will be donated to the food bank at the First Presbyterian Church of South Amboy. More information can be found on her website

Dr. Blagoev decided to partner with the First Presbyterian Church of South Amboy’s ongoing feeding program whose food bank needs to be replenished regularly. “The challenge of hunger that many needy families face is something that we can all do something about in practical ways,” she said. “We want to make it fun to be part of this worthy cause by giving everyone a chance to share their selfies while replenishing the food bank at the church,” she added.

Dr. Blagoev has been a practicing dentist for over 20 years. While she has the professional qualifications to put a beautiful smile on people’s faces, she also recognizes that she can create more smiles through such a campaign – by feeding the hungry.

After observing how the selfie culture has gained momentum all over the world, Dr. Blagoev decided to use it to bring the community together to help save hungry families. She is passionate about doing her part in helping others in the community who face different challenges. She invites everyone in the community to take part in this great campaign to feed the hungry simply by taking a selfie and sharing it.

The Parlin dentist acquired extensive and intensive training in various areas of dentistry including endodontics, prosthetics, dental implants, pediatric dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. As part of her charitable efforts, Dr. Blagoev also provides dental services to seniors at a discounted price to provide them with the care they may otherwise have no access to. Visitors to her website can also get a free consultation.

Thanks to her many charitable efforts, including food drives and free dental days, Dr. Blagoev has in the past been featured on National News networks such as NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS.

To participate in the “Share a Smile, Make a Smile” Campaign, visit

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