Dentist Sayreville Parlin NJ: Painless Dental Injections for Children & Families

Dr. Mariana Blagoev from Parlin, NJ, is offering painless dental injections to her patients. She explains the benefits of having these pain-free injections done for the people who may be dental phobic, or scared of painful dental procedures.

Dr. Mariana Blagoev, a reputable dentist, is offering patient-friendly dental care using the DentalVibe painless injections. This aims at transforming all her patients’ dental experiences. It is also meant to enable patients overcome their dental phobia – a challenge that keeps many patients from getting the dental care they need and leading to deteriorated dental and overall health.

Dental phobia is a crippling fear of going for dental treatment to the extent of avoiding it altogether, even when dental care is desperately needed. In America, dental phobia is not given the attention it should. Statistics show that almost 40 million Americans avoid the dentist as a result of it. The worst part is that poor dental health can result in other body complications when oral bacteria get into the bloodstream.

The Parlin dentist, aware of the adverse effects of this phobia, found the perfect way to combat it using the DentalVibe treatment. This treatment is better than the traditional ways of dealing with pain. The DentalVibe tool generates vibrations that trigger the nerves enough to make them unaware of the pain of injection. It also helps to spread the anesthesia to work faster during treatment. It’s an effective tool for eliminating patients’ anxiety and phobia.

“The amazing effect of the DentalVibe injection is that patients do not realize when the injection is actually done. As a result, many patients are willing to have a regular dental schedule, and this has eliminated the prevalence of dental-related complications”, Dr. Blagoev said.

Speaking about Dr. Blagoev’s dental services, Bob V. said, “I have been a patient of Dr. Mariana for over 13 years, and she has always done a superlative job for all my dental works. She has a positive, pristine and excellent attitude in all her work as a dentist, not to mention her knowledge of her profession. There is no area of her profession that she does not do to perfection. She is, in my opinion, the Best east of the Mississippi River.”

Dr. Blagoev has been a practicing dentist for over 20 years. Her passion for the profession has inspired her adoption of the latest technology and methods of dental treatment. She has also been actively involved in her community with charitable programs that had her featured on several National News networks, including CBS and FOX among others.

“Now no one has an excuse for not getting dental treatment. Those with severe dental phobia stand to benefit greatly from the DentalVibe painless injections. We are looking at a bright future with improved dental health for Americans,” Dr. Blagoev concluded.

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