Dentist London Ontario Sbenati Dentistry’s Cosmetic and Restorative Treatments

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Sbenati Dentistry announced the availability of their restorative treatments through cosmetic dentistry. These include crowns, veneers, implants, teeth whitening, bonding, gum sculpting and much more is now extends to Sbenati Dentistry. More information can be found at

Sbenati Dentistry today announced that patients looking to buy their next restorative and cosmetic treatments can look no further.

Those within Sbenati Dentistry feel that “it is an amazing experience to bring a patients smile from unsatisfactory to absolutely beautiful. This journey we take with patients helps improve the function and beauty of the teeth, and is very rewarding for both of us.”

Dr. Halim Sbenati, Owner, Doctor of Dental Surgery at Sbenati Dentistry, when asked about cosmetic dentistry said:

“We love improving teeth function whilst beautifying the smile of our lovely patients. Giving functional and aesthetic improvements simultaneously is amazing, and are the top two reasons people choose restorative and cosmetic dentistry.”

Patients and prospects active in the Dentistry market will be interested to know these treatments have been developed with those interested in restoring their smiles to beauty, through one or a combination of restorative and cosmetic treatments like crowns, implants and veneers. in mind.

Dr. Halim Sbenati said “This was important because those unhappy with their smiles do not have to accept their situations. Through one or a combination of cosmetic and restorative treatments we can transform the smile into something worth being proud of. This boosts patients confidence and adds a brightness to the smile that is extremely visible to others. This will be great news for our patients because it is very important for everyone to be happy with their smiles, after all smiling is the first and biggest sign of happiness. This confidence can flow into all areas of patients lives like dating, professionally and personal relationships. When someone is happy with themselves it is easy to be happy with others.”

Cosmetic dentistry improves beauty and function. This was included because a lot of restorative treatments focus on revitalizing the function of teeth that may have been lost through years of wear and tear. This is also true with cosmetic dentistry. Both have different end goals (aesthetics and function respectively), but they can also go hand in hand. This creates a happy and healthy smile that not only functions properly as the gateway to the body, but looks amazing. Consumers should be pleased with this since improved teeth function effects overall health more than people think. Effective chewing of food helps digestion as well as proper teeth alignment effects jaw health and reduces headaches.

One final piece of information being released briefly describes some of the main cosmetic dentistry treatments used:

Teeth whitening- helps lighten the colour of teeth to combat the stains that accumulate over years of use.

Crowns- a tried and tested option for restoring teeth to their original shape and size. Crowns are made of porcelain and effectively replace the tops of teeth for function and aesthetics.

Veneers- a thin layer of porcelain is placed on the front side of the teeth to hide defects.

Bonding- a resin that is coloured to match your teeth is bonded directly to them. This fills in the gaps left from broken and chipped teeth.

Reshaping and contouring- this involves bringing subtle changes to the teeth using drills and lasers to fix the shape of teeth.

Fillings- since they are now tooth coloured then can fix discolouration left from cavities and previous metal fillings. They are made of a mixture of resin and porcelain.

Gum sculpting- a minimal form of surgery to fix gums that are too low or high.

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