Dentist in Westmont IL Announces FREE Oral Cancer Screenings For April Awareness

Dentist in Westmont, Illinois is recognizing April as Oral Cancer Awareness Month by offering new and current patients totally free oral cancer screening for the entire month of April.

Westmont, Illinois- Top general dentist office in the Westmont area of Illinois has announced they are offering something major for the entire month of April.

According to Celebrity Smiles and General Dentistry April is “Oral Cancer Awareness Month”, their announcement comes in comes in recognition of oral cancer and they are offering FREE oral cancer screening to new patients.

, the screening is usually $39, however this month Celebrity Smiles and General Dentistry is offering the service completely free.

The Westmont dental clinic believes everyone should be screened for oral cancer and they are looking forward to providing this service at no cost for the entire month of April.

According to Dr. Ronald Schefdore of Celebrity Smiles and General Dentistry in Westmont, IL, many patients think they may not be susceptible to oral cancer because of their lifestyle choices, but they want the general public to know it is very important folks take advantage of this complimentary screening.

Dr. Ronald had this to say about the oral cancer screening offered at Celebrity Smiles, “A lot of patients tell us they don’t think they need to be screened for oral cancer because they don’t smoke, drink, or chew tobacco. However, just because folks aren’t consuming or exposing themselves to these things absolutely does not mean they cannot get oral cancer.” Dr. Ronald explains there are other indicators or risk factors of oral cancer, “we tell our patients, even if they have ulcers in the mouth, there is a possibility they can test positive for Human Papillomavirus, or ‘HPV’. We always recommend getting this when our patients are asked. This test is only recommended once a year and could really save the lives of our patients, we always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially for only $39 per year, or at no cost at all if folks come in April!”.

The popular dentist in Westmont, IL currently has great online ratings and are accepting new patients, they are open Monday through Thursday from 7 am until 4 pm.

More information can be found by visiting the business website at or any interested parties can call the Westmont, IL dentist office at 630-632-5407

The office is located at, 345 W Ogden Avenue Westmont IL 60559

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