Dentist CA Group Announces New Partnership with Prominent Partnership

Dental Clinic And Dental CA Group will form a strategic partnership to better serve their customers globally. The respective operating business models will continue to remain independent.

Dental Clinic, Dentist CA Group and Partnership, Dentist Surrey Group have announced a strategic partnership going forward.

Full details on the partnership can be viewed here:

The partnership will encompass the merger of the senior management and a common market engagement platform. Both the companies share similar company culture and business operating model. This provides a strong foundation for the partnership which will have the benefit of exploiting a collective set of assets, expertise, and resources to become a stronger company serving the same geographical location in the dental health vertical.

In the near future, customers of both companies can expect a reduction of fees, and more effective engagement from the partnership. Customers will also have a broader choice of dental clinics going forward, serving a wider geographical area. It is the objective of the partnership to further expand the geographical footprints beyond Canada. The countries that are targeted for expansion in the near future include United States, Mexico, UK and Germany.

The partnership is expected to spur new R&D innovations, and the development of new technique which will help the customer.

As part of a long-term strategy of this partnership, the two companies hope to achieve the followings:

– Become the best in it’s class in the dental health niche.

– Become a recognize brand globally

When asked about the new joint venture, Salina Mei from Dentist CA Group said, “To Better Serve The Customer Better, Globally”

Keith A of Dentist Surrey Group is also excited about the venture, saying “This is a natural marriage between 2 great dental health groups”

Current and future customers are invited to learn more about the joint venture and how they will benefit by visiting the website at

About Dental Clinic, Dentist CA Group

Dentist CA Group was founded in 2000 and serves the Dental Health industry. Dentist Clinic was founded in 2005 and serves the Dental Health industry. The key expertise include Pediatric Dentist, Cosmetic Dental Surrey, and General Dental Care in Surrey.

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