Dental Professionals: Clinically-Proven Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief On Amazon

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A dentist’s hands are the most important tools they have, so pain and numbness from carpal tunnel syndrome is truly debilitating. But the Carpal AID pain relief patch is now available on Amazon, making it even easier to find relief.

Dentistry is a profession that requires not just a great deal of skill, and precise hand movements, but a lot of repetition too. And as many dentists know all too well, carpal tunnel syndrome is very prevalent in the industry. It’s precisely because of those intricate, repeated motions that so many dentists find themselves experiencing the pain, tingling, and numbness that signal the onset of trouble. But doctor-recommended Carpal AID, the pain relief patch that has been helping dentists maintain their dexterity for years, is now available on Amazon, making it even easier to keep the office stocked.

Dentists love the Carpal AID pain relief patch for immediate relief of their debilitating symptoms. In some ways it’s as if it was made for dentists:

It’s a simple, small, clear plastic patch that affixes to the palm – Hand and wrist braces are not only cumbersome and unsightly, but for dentists, they simply aren’t an option. For safety and cleanliness reasons gloves must almost always be worn, plus the need to maintain dexterity, makes the wrist brace a non-starter for dentists. With Carpal AID they can focus on the task at hand – caring for the health of their patient – while they care for their own health and well-being too.

It has a strong yet comfortable adhesive that stays put however long you do – Patented CarpalAid can be worn for up to 8 hours with confidence that it will continue doing its job without slipping or needing to be replaced. Dentists particularly appreciate this because it allows for a full and productive workday that remains pain-free from start to finish.

It’s drug-free – Maintaining dexterity and precision also means keeping a clear head. When pain gets to be too much, reaching for a pharmaceutical solution may seem like the only option, but it’s not. In fact, the simple yet effective design of Carpal AID means that it physically remedies the cause of the pain, tingling, and numbness, whereas drugs just mask the symptoms.

“We are thrilled to offer a carpal tunnel solution that’s doctor-recommended and highly effective for busy professionals who utilize their hands as their most important tools. Where precision in movement is key, Carpal AID provides a highly effective drug-free solution. It gives dentists the relief they need, so they can stay focused on where they’re needed.” – Ilan Nouvahian, Executive Vice President, Carpal AID

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