Dental New Patient Marketing Expert Interviewed By Dental Town’s Howard Farran

Dental Town's Howard Farran recently sat down to do an hour-long interview with Flasch International's Helmut Flasch to discuss the strategies behind his award-winning Un-Advertising program. Mr. Flasch has been helping dentists and other businesses get new patients for over 26 years.

In a recent video interview with Dental Town’s Dr. Howard Farran, Helmut Flasch explained the concept of Un-Advertising. It is a new revolutionary marketing strategy that has seen exemplary results for businesses in 3 continents.

Helmut Flasch is a management consultant and international speaker that helped many small businesses see tremendous growth for 26 years, and offers great solutions for dentists in particular.

Dr. Howard Farran, a world renowned dentist and creator of Dental Town, saw this interview as an opportunity to get information about the Un-Advertising strategy directly from its creator himself.

When Howard asked about the concept of Un-Advertising, Helmut explained, “It is a little bit of what it says – that is, don’t really advertise…don’t do the usual promotion of your services, the key is to fit emotional messages which have little or nothing to do with your actual practice, but which will get into people’s world and they end up embracing you, as a person,” he said.

“Basically, you need to get people to talk about you in ways which have little or nothing to do with your profession, since it constitutes a very small part of their lives,” he added.

Helmut advises dentists to get other people to toot their horns for them instead of doing it themselves. He says that the way to achieve this is by ensuring that the right message reaches the public.

He gave a hypothetical example of a Thanksgiving Dinner where a dentist goes around opening people’s mouths and telling them their dental problems as a way of making his practice known. That will annoy them!

A better way is to connect with the people in meaningful ways so they will go like, “What a nice guy!” or “Isn’t this the guy who helps the poor?” People will immediately want to associate with such a dentist and will tell others about him. Dentists need to avoid being tuned out because of overemphasizing on their practice.

Un-Advertising is a dynamic approach to strategically expand businesses in a way that gives better results than traditional advertising methods, which Helmut says, are just one way of achieving success.

Helmut Flasch is also a best-selling author that has published three books, namely “Double Your Business But Not Your Troubles”, “You Too Can be Happy” and “Economic Deception and Jobless Recovery Exposed — Why Getting Fired is the Best Thing that Could Happen to You.”

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