Dental Implants In Boulder CO Dentist Dr Kirk Rathburn New Report Launched

Boulder dentist Dr Kirk Rathburn has launched a new report on the benefits of dental implants in Boulder, CO. It covers the process, and how they can be better for teeth and gums than alternatives like bridges.

Boulder dentist, Rathburn Dental, has launched a new report on the importance of dental implants and their benefits to the patient. It explains that the dental implant service, offered by Boulder dentist Dr Kirk Rathburn, can support patients’ teeth safely and firmly, while remaining aesthetically pleasing. They bond with the existing bone and can help to prevent progressive bone atrophy.

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Dr Kirk Rathburn is a premier Boulder dentist, and has been serving the Colorado area since 1989. The practice website underscores that the focus of his practice is to provide restorative, preventative and surgical dentistry in one place, offering convenience for local patients. He was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, and believes in a conservative diagnosis that allows his patients the opportunity to become involved in their treatment planning process.

The dental implant report launched by Boulder dentist Dr Kirk Rathburn explains that he has been offering the implant service in Boulder since 1991. Since that time, he has seen implants becoming increasingly popular. The report says that implants are utilised to offer patients a sound foundation for new prosthetic teeth where natural teeth are missing. This allows the patient to regain normal use of their teeth, without resorting to other methods like bridges and dentures.

Dental implants have been confirmed to be predictable and viable as a treatment option, and can be better for nearby teeth and gums. Other options, like bridges, can involve other teeth, cutting them down so the bridge can fit over the top. Dental implants offer a natural looking alternative without the need for interfering like this.

Dr Rathburn says that the tooth has two main sections, the root and the crown. The root, which is the section below the gum line, is what the dental implant acts as. A full procedural write up is provided in the report, allowing interested parties to find out exactly how it works, and how it can benefit them.

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