Dental Implants Bessemer AL For Missing Tooth, Extractions, Dentures Replacement

Bessemer AL: Dorsett Dental Care, dental implants for tooth extractions, missing teeth, or as alternative to dentures. Located at 4000 Pine Ln SE, Bessemer, AL serving Helena, Hoover, McCalla

Drs Josh and Maria Dorsett from Dorsett Dental Care in Bessemer AL, have updated their dental implants service for patients needing a tooth extraction, or those already with one or more missing teeth. More information can be found here

Dorsett Dental Care is conveniently located at 4000 Pine Ln SE, Bessemer, AL 35022 and also welcomes patients from Helena, Hoover, McCalla and surrounding areas.

Josh and Maria are a scratch startup dental practice. They had to take a leap of faith and hire staff on Zoom to be able to open on September 14 2020. Things became tough because of Covid but they say everyone in their team gets on well, they’ve some together, and it’s all worked out great.

For those wanting to improve their appearance, would like a more permanent and natural solution to a missing tooth, dental implants might be an option. They can be offered to dental patients with healthy gums and with sufficient bone for support,

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and can even help prevent bone shrinkage in the jaw. They can help improve speech and make eating and chewing easier. Implants can give you back your smile and function, which can help boost self-esteem.

Those with dentures will enjoy no longer feeling embarrassed about taking them out and can throw away the messy adhesive needed to keep the dentures in place.

Dental implants can last many years and help prevent many dental problems that can occur from missing teeth.

Josh and Maria say their office and team are developing a name in the Bessemer, AL area as the ‘go to place’ for implants for those with missing teeth. They add that they’re ‘becoming known as a practice that people can trust, is friendly and has a family atmosphere.

Evidence of this can be found in online reviews. Dorsett Dental Care in Bessemer, AL has over 30 Google reviews. One says … ‘Saw Dr. Dorsett this morning for an emergency. He performed an extraction and it was the easiest experience ever! He and his staff are wonderful! Beautiful, new office in a great location. Have never been more pleased with a dentist. Thanks, again, guys!’

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