Dental Implants Auckland Kohimarama – Restorative Dentistry Treatments Launched

Based in St. Heliers, New Zealand and serving patients in Kohimarama and other areas, Natural Smile Eastmed Dental has launched its updated dental implants service.

Natural Smile Eastmed Dental has launched its updated dental implants service in Kohimarama, New Zealand. The company’s dental implants help patients benefit from professional solutions for missing teeth.

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The updated service provides an easy and affordable way to replace lost teeth. A dental implant from Natural Smile Eastmed Dental is an artificial tooth root that is surgically placed into the jawbone beneath the gums to hold a replacement tooth.

Implants by Natural Smile Eastmed Dental offer a wide range of benefits. Dental implants help to keep the integrity of the bone structure after tooth loss and function and feel similar to natural teeth. They also serve to protect the health of adjacent teeth, since they don’t require bridgework. Dental implants also help improve speaking ability by eliminating the need for large and loose fitting dentures.

Aesthetically, implants from Natural Smile Eastmed Dental give patients a beautiful white smile. Additionally, dental implants also improve facial appearance since they prevent bone loss. Another key benefit of having dental implants is that they distribute bite forces evenly throughout the mouth. More info about the benefits of dental implants can be found at

Before having a dental implant operation, a patient should consult their dentist first to examine the condition of their mouth. After a dentist recommends the patient as a candidate for a dental implant, Natural Smile Eastmed Dental will carry out an assessment appointment to develop a customised treatment plan for each individual.

The next step in the process is for Natural Smile Eastmed Dental to carry out the procedure by placing the implant in the patient’s jaw. Then there is a healing period of six months, which includes having a healing cap placed over the implant for a few weeks. It is then replaced by an abutment, which is then covered by crown that resembles a natural tooth.

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