Dental Hygiene Specialist Broomfield CO Updates Teeth Cleaning Deep Gum Scaling

Broomfield CO: Angie Rhoades, RDH, SmileLogic, Inc is a Dental Hygienist announcing updated dental hygiene specialist services like teeth cleaning and deep gum scaling.

Dental hygiene specialist Angie Rhoades, RDH, owner of SmileLogic, Inc in Broomfield CO announces updated teeth cleaning and deep clean scaling services. Learn more here

SmileLogic, Inc is conveniently located at 520 Zang St, Broomfield, CO 80021 and welcomes patients from Louisville, Superior, Lafayette, Northglenn, Westminster, Federal Heights, Thornton, Sherrelwood and surrounding areas.

Angie is a specialist in dental hygiene. As a dental hygienist, she focuses on hygiene, cleanings, deep cleanings, periodontal or gum scaling and planing, exams, x-rays and whitening for stained and discolored teeth.

Patients commonly call Smile Logic Inc in Broomfield Colorado to ask about walk in dental cleanings without insurance, and how does a dental cleaning remove tartar? Many also enquire about how much it costs to get teeth cleaned at a dentist versus an independent hygienist.

Cost aside, Angie says the biggest advantage of seeing a hygiene specialist is that you don’t have to worry about upselling of treatment or products that you may never use.

She adds ‘the biggest fear (apart from pain) people have of a dentist is whether the treatments they are recommending are actually necessary. Do I really need this? Is this in my best interest, or is the dentist’s bank account the priority here?’.

SmileLogic, Inc in Broomfield Colorado has over 60 Google reviews with a 5 star rating and one reads … ‘Angie is an excellent professional. I am impressed by her personal care, advocacy and interest in my needs as a patient. Her professional service is outstanding, I would say the best I have experienced. Highly recommend her.’

Hygienists treat and educate patients to keep their teeth and gums in consistent good health. See here

The two crucial elements for healthy teeth and gums are attentive home care and regular visits to a dental hygienist.

Poor oral hygiene leads to bad breath, yellowing teeth, inflammation, sensitive teeth, and cavities. Long-term poor hygiene results in gum disease, which can have severe consequences such as tooth loss and detriment to your overall well being.

Research shows a clear link between periodontal disease and the following medical conditions: Cardiovascular disease risk, with increased risk of stroke and heart attack. Premature birth with low birth weight in babies. Uncontrolled diabetes in adult diabetics. Increased risk of pneumonia, particularly in elderly patients.

More information is here and those interested in learning more can call Angie at 303-665-1281

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