Dental Crowns/Bridges Harrison NJ Treatment Update for Tooth Gaps and Fillings

Dental Crowns/Bridges Harrison NJ: Smile Design Specialist: Richard Ekstein, DMD (201-991-1228), is a Smile Makeover Dentist servicing the North Arlington, Harrison and Kearny NJ areas.

Smile Design Specialist: Richard Ekstein, DMD is conveniently located at 312 Belleville Turnpike #3B, North Arlington, NJ 07031 and welcomes patients from Harrison, Kearny and other nearby areas. For information on dental crowns and bridges go to

With their move to specialize in Smile Makeover dentistry, the office is now better positioned to provide expert services for the placement of dental crowns, dental bridges, cosmetic work, and other oral health services.

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A dental crown is a custom-made, permanent restoration. They look like a hollow, tooth shaped “cap”, which is placed over a prepared natural tooth.

When cemented into place, crowns completely cover the entire visible portion of the tooth that lies at and above the gum line.

Crowns are also used in implant cases to replace missing teeth that have been lost due to disease, decay or an accident. A dental implant is an artificial root that is inserted into the jawbone to support and hold the crown in place, where there is no natural tooth or root structure to do so.

The main purpose of a crown is to restore strength, functionality, shape and size to a tooth, and to improve its appearance.

Situations where a crown may be needed include, to protect a weakened, decayed, cracked tooth, to replace a failing filling, to restore a broken or worn tooth, to hold dental bridges in place, to cover a dental implant.

A crown is recommended to restore strength to any tooth that has undergone root canal therapy.

In the case of an entire missing tooth, gaps left in the mouth will eventually cause the surrounding teeth to shift or rotate into the empty space, causing malocclusion (‘bad bite’), which can have a negative impact on diet. It can also cause bone deterioration in the jaw and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. Therefore, it is always advisable to discuss tooth replacement options with your dentist, such as an implant and crown, rather than leaving gaps in dentition.

Smile Design Specialist: Richard Ekstein, DMD was founded in 2011 by its eponymous principal dentist Dr. Richard Ekstein.The team at Smile Design Specialist is passionate about providing the best in both cosmetic and family dentistry, and is focused on preventative care as a way to ensure long-term oral health.

In addition to their cosmetic crowns and bridges services, they continue to offer preventative cleanings and check-ups, dental fillings, implants, and orthodontic work such as Invisalign.

A recent Google review reads “as someone who recently had an implant placed on a posterior tooth, i was looking for a dentist with prosthodontics training. Dr Ekstein is so knowledgeable about making sure you have that strong, comfortable, natural bite. Grateful to him, Kim and the entire team.”

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