Denham Springs LA Loaded Tea Delivery – Healthy Shake/Juice Bar Online Launched

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Denham Springs, LA - Ultimate Nutrition (225-380-5159) announces its online ordering portal for residents in the area. Customers can now conveniently order their favorite drinks online.

Ultimate Nutrition, a juice and shake bar in Denham Springs, Louisiana, launches its online ordering portal for pickup at its branch. The health store specializes in healthy, vegan-friendly, loaded teas.

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The newly launched portal complies with current health guidelines to limit social gatherings. Now, residents can conveniently order their shakes online and pick them up easily. The juice bar says that all of its specialty drinks and combos can be ordered online.

Multiple studies have found that smoothies and drinks are just as healthy, if not healthier, than eating fruits as they are. This is because these drinks typically use flash-frozen fruits which contain more antioxidants that promote a healthy immune system. Further, other supplements, such as protein or collagen, can be added to the shake for additional benefit.

Ultimate Nutrition was inspired to be a healthy and delicious alternative to heavy meals. It began as a meal replacement shake bar but has further expanded to include vitamin-packed teas. One of its newer offerings is its “Yellow Jacket” which is a 50-calorie tea that contains a nitric oxide precursor and creatinine supplement.

Regardless of which shake they choose, customers have the option to include other supplements, such as biotin, collagen, caffeine, or vitamins A, C, and E, among others.

As part of its launch, Ultimate Nutrition is announcing its loaded tea and shake combo. Now, customers can pick and choose which shake and tea they would want to start their day with. Both drinks can have added boosters mixed into them.

The juice bar says that its drinks are not limited to those beginning their weight loss journey. Some of their more popular drinks include protein- and whey-rich ingredients that may help build muscle mass. This means that even weight-conscious athletes and bodybuilders can take their drinks without worry.

The company only uses supplements and powders that have been certified by third-party labs to be safe and effective. It is committed to serving customers healthy, low-calorie, and delicious drinks.

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