Demand For Mommy Please 125-Piece Play Food Set Continues To Increase

Over one year since the launch of their play food set, Mommy Please announced today that demand for the play food set continues to increase, and it has become the best-selling play food set on

Spring is finally here, and summer is fast approaching. Mommy Please announced yesterday that even with the warmer weather, where kids tend to focus on outside play and activities, they have seen an increased demand in their popular play food set. The Mommy Please 125-piece play food set is made of a durable BPA-free plastic that is scratch resistant and safe for children ages 3 and up. The toy food set contains a large variety of food choices, both healthy and non-healthy, in order to expose children to a large variety of foods and help them learn what makes a healthy meal and how to make good food choices.

“We are very aware that the people who use are product are children, young children. We have invested a significant amount of time and resources to ensure we have created the best product possible for those kids,” stated Mommy Please spokesperson Elsie Murphy. “There continues to be an increased demand for our play food set, and we are excited by this! We have done our best to ensure that our supply can meet this demand, but if our play food set is one of your top gift choices, we would recommend you purchase it soon.”

The Mommy Please play food set is used in homes, daycares, doctor waiting rooms and preschools everywhere. Customers have left great reviews for the food set, and 95% of Amazon customers say they like their toy food set. A recent verified five-star purchaser wrote, “I went back and forth trying to decide which set to get for my grandson. At two he’s always trying to feed me imaginary food. From imaginary to pretend he hasn’t stopped playing with this set since it came today. My plan was to split it up as mentioned by another reviewer, but he wasn’t having it! He’s alway in the kitchen at my side everyday. This is a great little set that will be used outside as well in his little swing/table clubhouse area. My spring and summer I’m sure will be filled with many pretend meals.”

Available exclusively on, the Mommy Please play food set is currently priced at $23.97. Amazon provides free shipping for any purchase of $49 or more.

About Mommy Please: “Mommy Please has worked tirelessly to bring children a play set that will never cease to keep their imaginations going. We strive to ensure that happiness, education, and creativity are all incorporated into play time every single day. As a company that focuses on family values, Mommy Please intends to influence the lives of families around the world.”

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