Demand Causes Surrogacy Money in Las Vegas to Climb; Become a Surrogate Today

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The amount of surrogacy money in Las Vegas that’s being paid out is rising, due to international and domestic demand for qualified gestational carriers. To become a surrogate or learn more, call (702) 919-7400 or visit now.

Surrogacy money in Las Vegas is still rising as demand for gestational surrogates continues to grow. Only a few short months ago, news outlets like NPR Radio and CNN were covering the phenomenon as it related to demand coming from wealthy Chinese coming to the United States in search of carriers. Now, the United States is fast becoming an international hub overall, and Nevada, being one of the few surrogacy-friendly states, is attracting intended parents from America and abroad. As demand has increased, the availability of qualified surrogates has largely remained the same, resulting in higher surrogacy money payouts for those who meet the criteria and are generous of heart.

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According to NPR Radio, infertility affects approximately 1 in 10 in China. The country was slated to ban surrogacy, but opted to hold off earlier this year to encourage more births. It was around the same time that they also lifted the one-child rule, but many still prefer to come to America to go through the process. American traits, such as height, eye color, and hair color, are also in high demand, per NPR, which draws many to the United States in search of egg donors as well.

Unlike the traditional process, in which the woman who carries the baby also provides her egg, carriers today are typically unrelated to the child. Oftentimes, intended parents supply their own eggs, but when this is not an option, they search for an egg donor as well. For many Chinese coming to America to grow their families, being able to find a carrier and a donor in the same location is a blessing.

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At the same time, laws across the globe are cracking down on those seeking help from gestational carriers, with recent legislation being passed in Mexico, Thailand, India, and other countries. It’s no longer feasible for many people to get help within their own country. The United States, with its strong medical system and infrastructure often proves to be the smartest choice. However, each state has different laws, and not all are as surrogate-friendly as Nevada, which means that the burden of meeting international demand rests upon just a few states.

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