DELTA PHI TRADING and NINJATRADER Announces Partnership for Algorithmic Software

DELTA PHI TRADING and NINJATRADER Announce Partnership for International Distribution of “DPX” Algorithmic Software

NINJATRADER and DELTA PHI TRADING have announced a strategic partnership going forward.

The partnership will encompass an announcement made at BOCA RATON, FLORIDA on OCTOBER 26, 2016 8:30 AM – NINJATRADER, the leading software platform for futures and forex trading, has announced their official international distribution partnership with DELTA PHI TRADING. DELTA PHI TRADING is the creator of the highly anticipated DPX software package, a customized algorithmic toolkit revered for a fusion of accuracy and simplicity never before seen in the retail trading industry. The creators focus on the futures markets, although the software accurately works on any contract type.

Parker King, Co-Founder of DELTA PHI TRADING stated, “We’re very excited about this partnership. Our toolkit is going to put the power back into the hands of the retail trader, and NinjaTrader is going to help us make it possible. They’re a great company, and it’s an honor for Delta Phi Trading to be distributing this product with them.”

DELTA PHI TRADING’s DPX toolkit combines proprietary algorithmic software and customized indicators in order to simplify trading for retail traders of all experience levels. Preliminary testing, which has been carried out internally by DELTA PHI TRADING for 9 months, yielded an incredibly precise level of optimization and training enhancement for their upcoming software release.

When prompted for more details, King stated,” It’s not complicated at all. I mean, it’s complicated algorithmically speaking, but traders don’t have to worry about that. The system visually shows futures traders when and where the highest probability trade opportunities are. They can combine this algorithmic insight with the critical discretionary tools we personally teach them, and become profitable traders if they are willing to put in the work. ” Joseph Mandeline, DELTA PHI TRADING’s other co-founder, adds: “While they are trading, they are connected to our live trade room online. We are in there every day trading on NinjaTrader with our members, teaching them the Delta Phi Trading system, answering their questions, calling out trades, live streaming our charts, showing them how the market works. All the stuff that took us years of hard work to learn, we are making it a much faster process for them.”

DELTA PHI TRADING has officially completed their final beta stage of preparation, and is set to launch worldwide on 11/5/16, giving new signups a full weekend to become acclimated with the software before their first day in the trade room.

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