Delray Beach FL Home Damage Insurance Claims/Public Adjuster Services Launched

Delray Beach, Florida-based Barclays Public Adjusters has updated its flagship service. It helps clients substantiate claims so they maximize the reimbursement they get from insurers.

Barclays Public Adjusters of Delray Beach, Florida announces the launch of its updated service. The company helps clients substantiate property damage, thereby boosting their chances of having their insurance claims approved.

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This service allows a homeowner to maximize their insurance policy’s benefits. Its public adjusters assist people with a broad range of claims, including those for hail, wind, water, mold, and fire damage.

The Delray-based company notes that while homeowners insurance provides crucial protections against calamities, many claims are rejected due to a lack of convincing evidence. As a result, people are forced to shoulder repair costs themselves, which can put a strain on their finances.

Barclays Public Adjusters uses its expertise to prove that damage was indeed caused by factors covered by a policy. With the support of a professional assessor, a homeowner’s claim gains greater credibility and is more likely to be granted.

Unlike an insurance adjuster, a public adjuster is hired by the homeowner and has no vested interest in lowering the potential claim amount. After evaluating and substantiating the damage, they will release a detailed report that itemizes the repair and replacement costs.

By hiring a public adjuster, clients can save precious time as they have a specialist who can interpret their policies for them. As such, people can better understand what options they have and they will know how to properly file for reimbursement.

These professionals are also proven to get higher payouts for claimants, providing them with a critical financial lifeline. Data from the Office of Program and Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPAGGA) shows that public adjusters can negotiate up to a 747% larger settlement from insurers.

Barclays Public Adjusters is South Florida’s leading claims adjustment expert and has successfully secured generous reimbursements on behalf of homeowners. It is currently offering complimentary consultations to prospective clients.

A spokesperson says: “If your home or property suffers damage, don’t go up against the insurance companies alone. Instead, let Barclays Public Adjusters assist you.”

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