Delaware Nevada Oregon Solar Power Installers Free Residential Program Announced

A residential solar power program providing homeowners with a full end-to-end solar energy set-up, including free installation and maintenance along with a custom design panel system, delivered by the professionals of the largest residential solar company in the US, has been announced by Powur.

The popular Powur announced the launch of a new premier residential solar power program, with no installation or maintenance fees and a custom designed solar panel system, for homeowners looking to lower their monthly energy bills and protect the environment.

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Powur is a prominent business with an established reputation in the solar power industry for providing a range of diverse, premier and affordable solar power solutions along with valuable industry-related news, information and advice.

The company has announced the launch of a new residential solar power program in partnership with the renowned SolarCity, including free installation and no maintenance fees, for homeowners across 16 USA states, including California, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, Oregon, Florida, and more, looking to go green and reduce their impact on the environment while also lowering their monthly energy bills.

The new residential solar power program is offered by Powur and delivered by SolarCity, the largest residential solar company in the USA, which draws on its leading expertise and state-of-the-art technology to provide the full end-to-end service, including the panels, custom solar system design for each specific roof, installation and maintenance, insurance and monitoring for 20 years.

More on the Powur-SolarCity residential solar power program, extensive information on solar energy systems and the solar power industry, including ‘What are the Advantages and Disadvantages or Using Green Energy Sources’, ‘Save Energy And the Planet: Simple Steps to Make a Difference’, and more, along with an online form where homeowners can check if they qualify for the program, are available on the website link provided above.

Powur explains that “traditional energy costs have gone up over 500% since 1971, and that trend is likely to continue. On the other hand, the cost of solar has dropped more than 250% in the last two decades. The benefits of going solar are big but we are making them bigger. Almost 80% of U.S. homeowners can now jump on board with solar for no costs upfront”.

The company adds that “backed by SolarCity, we are offering a solution where you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your system is monitored and supported by America’s #1 solar provider, maintaining the same power, KW for KW, delivered directly from your rooftop, with no costs upfront and paying less – up to 20% or more – then you currently spend on your energy bills each month”.

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