Del Mar CA Non-Surgical Carpal Tunnel Hand Wrist Pain Relief Program Launched

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A specialist chiropractor based in Del Mar, CA has launched a non-surgical approach to relieve Carpal Tunnel pain in the hands, wrists, and arms of patients with as little as one treatment.

A specialist chiropractor based in Del Mar, CA has expanded a non-surgical approach to treat the symptoms and effects of Carpal Tunnel. Dr Fattie explains many people ignore pain or discomfort in their wrists, hands, joints, and muscles until it becomes a problem instead of proactively treating their ailments.

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The recently expanded non-surgical program is designed to offer pain relief in the hands, wrists, and arms of people suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Dr Fattie says the issue arises when part of the wrist becomes inflamed and swells, which therefore causes pressure to build in one of the nerves. Underlying neck and shoulder issues can also lead to carpal tunnel symptoms if left untreated.

While it can affect anyone, she says some groups are more at risk than others including people who are overweight, repetitively work with vibrating tools, are on a computer or type all day, or have hobbies that require the wrists to repeatedly bend or the hands to grip tightly.

People who visit Dr Fattie for a consultation will learn how to effectively treat and reduce the effects over time, rather than simply using pain relief. She prescribes therapeutic exercises, stretches, and specific chiropractic adjustments that focus on the cause of the issue to help people live pain-free.

Dr Fattie utilizes restorative techniques to help people achieve their health and fitness goals, whether they are an athlete suffering from joint pain, a yogi with shoulder issues, or a patient suffering from fibromyalgia.

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Surgery is often pushed as the only option to treat Carpal Tunnel, particularly for people who find their symptoms are persistent. However, Dr Fattie says she aims to change this perspective through her non-invasive treatments and techniques.

A reviewer wrote: “My primary care physician recently diagnosed me with carpal tunnel in my wrists and shortly after, I was recommended by a friend to visit Dr Fattie. I was surprised because I assumed chiropractors only dealt with back problems, but not Dr Fattie.”

“So far I have seen her once a week for five weeks and my pain is almost gone. She taught me stretching and mobility exercises so I can keep up with my active CrossFit lifestyle without pain and discomfort,” they added.

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