Del Mar CA Natural Migraine Relief/Headache Chiropractic Care Treatment Launched

Upper cervical chiropractor in Del Mar, CA, Dr. Fattie, announces her updated services for migraine relief. The migraine and headache specialist treats the cause of the headache rather than its symptoms.

Dr. Fatimah Esfahanizadeh, DC, announces her updated migraine relief chiropractic services in Del Mar, California. Dr. Fattie treats the various causes of chronic headaches and migraines using a hands-on approach to integrative healthcare.

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The updated services leverage the latest techniques and research on alternative therapy, particularly in chiropractic care, for treating migraines and headaches. Despite common perceptions, migraines are caused by a variety of factors and require a holistic approach to their treatment. Using research-backed methods in upper cervical chiropractic, Dr. Fattie helps patients restore their quality of life.

Medical data confirms that chronic stress may lead to hypertension and migraine headaches. Many people resort to using pharmaceuticals to deal with their migraines, without knowing that there are natural headache relief treatments available.

As an upper cervical chiropractor, Dr. Fattie is known for using natural methods to relieve migraines. As a well-trained holistic doctor, she guides patients with dietary and lifestyle counseling to supplement hands-on diagnostic and integrative treatment. Her goal is to address the underlying cause of the migraine instead of treating its symptoms, to get you the results you want that last for years to come.

The chiropractor says that pain is often a signal of some misfiring or inflammation within in the nervous system or surrounding muscles, tendons, or ligaments. By aligning (aka adjusting) the spine with the specific techniques that Dr. Fattie uses, this corrects the problem so your body can heal without drugs or surgery. In the beginning of care regular and consistent treatments are recommended based on your symptoms, medical history, and spinal condition.

Apart from being a more affordable option, integrative healthcare has virtually no negative side effects compared to traditional pharmaceutical treatments. New studies suggest that frequent use of migraine medication can cause dependence, with the pharmaceutical drugs becoming the source of pain rather than its antidote.

With her updated migraine relief chiropractic service, Dr. Fattie continues her mission of offering holistic treatments to patients who want to improve their quality of life without resorting to drugs or surgery.

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