Del Mar CA Migraine Pain Relief Natural Headache Chiropractic Treatment Launched

Licensed chiropractor and upper cervical corrective care specialist Dr. Fattie D.C.updated her all-natural migraine and headache treatment services for women and families in Del Mar, CA.

Dr. Fattie D.C., a licensed chiropractor in Del Mar, California, has launched updated migraine and headache treatment services. A renowned specialist in upper cervical corrective care, Dr. Fattie provides natural relief for patients who are suffering from chronic migraines.

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The newly updated services aim to provide busy middle-aged women and their families with a non-invasive means to achieve their health goals and increase their overall wellbeing.

Migraines and headaches can be triggered by numerous factors, specifically neck dysfunction and hypertension caused by chronic stress. Recent research has indicated that roughly 92% of individuals suffering from migraines were able to find relief through upper cervical chiropractic care.

Dr. Fatimah Esfahanizadeh, or Dr. Fattie for short, specializes in improving the dysfunction or subluxation of the top bones in the neck, where most migraine symptoms originate. Her unique chiropractic technique does not require popping, twisting, or cracking of patients’ necks.

The upper cervical care specialist’s natural migraine and headache solutions eliminate the need for patients to seek out pain-relieving medication or invasive surgeries.

Dr. Fattie’s individualized migraine treatment plans include simple therapeutic exercises that patients can perform at home for long-lasting results to compliment the in-office care.

In addition to migraine and headache treatment, Dr. Fattie uses upper cervical corrective methods to work with a range of medical issues, including Carpal tunnel syndrome and jaw problems.

Certified in the Webster technique, Dr. Fattie offers care for expecting mothers experiencing difficulties or pain during pregnancy. She also provides performance improvement and injury prevention therapies for Olympic lifting and Crossfit athletes.

With her newly updated treatment services, Dr. Fattie continues to provide expert chiropractic healing that helps women in North San Diego get and stay healthy.

A satisfied patient said: “As a healthcare provider, I can tell you that Dr. Fattie not only knows all there is to know about the nervous system but how to help you get the results you are looking for. She is very kind, has a great bedside manner, and is amazing at adjusting.”

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