Del Mar CA Chiropractor For Chronic Migraine Pain Headache Treatments Updated

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Dr Fattie has launched updated chiropractic care solutions in Del Mar, CA. She helps patients to overcome migraine issues with specialized non-surgical treatments.

Newly updated chiropractic treatments have been launched by Dr Fattie DC in Del Mar, CA. She has developed a reputation as a leading specialist in the field, with holistic solutions for treating chronic migraine headaches.

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The newly updated service is part of her commitment to high quality treatments. She is a San Diego native, and has had her chiropractic studio in Del Mar, CA since 2014.

Her specialized focus is on natural chronic migraine and headache treatments for patients in the Del Mar, CA area. Those who are suffering from this type of health ailment know that it often has a negative impact on daily life.

Research shows that nine out of every ten Americans will suffer from headaches. Some are occasional, while others are longer lasting. When they are especially bad, they can stop patients from enjoying everyday activities and being able to function at work or with family.

Chronic stress can lead to hyper-tension and cause migraine headaches. These can often be difficult to deal with and have lasting effects throughout the day. Because of this, many sufferers resort to medication to help them deal with the pain. However, it’s very possible to get long-lasting relief through upper cervical corrective care for both migraines and headaches.

One of the primary causes of chronic migraines is dysfunction of the neck, especially in the top two bones and the skull. That area has a large range of motion but no spinal disks which makes it very susceptible to injury and micro trauma, such as having a desk job or being a cashier. This can lead to a structural problem with the head and neck, which negatively impacts the neurological, vascular and musculoskeletal system.

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When patients start care with Dr. Fattie DC they will receive specialized treatment that works to correct the dysfunction and subluxation of the top of the neck. This area is where most of the primary problems and symptoms originate, so keeping it the focus allows for the best results. The migraine treatment plans include easy therapies to ensure optimal results without the use of medication.

Dr Fattie DC states: “Chronic stress can ultimately lead to hyper-tension and cause migraine headaches. Migraines can be extremely tough to deal with and most people that suffer from chronic migraines can sense when the migraine is coming on. Often, people resort to using medication to deal, but there are natural ways in which a migraine can be treated.”

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