Del Mar CA Carpal Tunnel Treatment Therapy Without Surgery Launched

People with carpal tunnel syndrome in the Del Mar, CA area can benefit from an innovative treatment that works without surgery. Dr Fattie aims to improve patient quality of life.

People who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome in the Del Mar, CA area can benefit from the innovative natural treatment program that works without surgery. Dr Fattie says many people are unaware of the link between carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder problems, which can be treated simultaneously.

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The newly launched treatment program is designed to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, which can include ache and pains in your fingers and hand, wrists, arms, numbness, a tingling sensation similar to ‘pins and needles,’ and a weak thumb or difficulty gripping. Find out more at

Some patients report that symptoms begin slowly and gradually worsen through the day. Certain roles that require a lot of repetitive manual work with the hands such as typing and computer work, bakers, knitters, hairdressers, and seamstresses can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Many doctors recommend surgery, but Dr Fattie says there are ways to treat carpal tunnel syndrome without it that deliver the desired results. As a carpal tunnel specialist Dr Fattie is well placed to provide patients with a diagnosis, treatment, and effective solutions to relieve pain and correct the problem long term.

While painkillers can provide temporary relief, Dr Fattie aims to offer you a detailed treatment plan along with home care such as exercises, stretches, and solutions that treat the cause of your pain. Dr Fattie aims to give her patients a better quality of life, better sleep, work productivity, and overall improved well-being.

People across California in places such as Sorrento Valley, San Diego, La Jolla, and North San Diego can also benefit from this specialized natural treatment therapy. In addition to carpal tunnel syndrome treatment, Dr Fattie can help patients who routinely suffer from migraines, and fibromyalgia.

A reviewer wrote: “As a healthcare provider I can tell you that Dr Fattie not only knows all there is to know about the nervous system, but how to help you get the results you are looking for. She is truly kind, has a great bedside manner, and is amazing at adjusting!”

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