DEI And B Anonymous SMS/Metrics For Employee Engagement | Service Updated

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Olumo, a software company focused on human experiences within organizations, has updated its services to solve DEI&B (diversity equity, inclusion, and belonging) in businesses.

The company’s new service focuses on helping businesses identify their assets as well as uncover critical areas that can be improved.

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Olumo aids organizations by providing them with an invaluable road map designed to address specific DEI&B issues. The company is providing businesses with the option to try out their complimentary trial which will unveil actionable results from the businesses’ own personnel.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging focuses on ensuring a company’s workplace is diverse and that all employees are presented with the same chances. Employees should feel empowered, and the company should strive to create a culture that makes others feel comfortable being and expressing who they are as individuals.

Olumo shows businesses that having a diverse workforce is just the first step of this vital process. Listening to and understanding employees intently is key in order to fix their organization’s DEI&B since their employees’ actions are a result of how they think and their inherent beliefs.

Businesses will gain helpful information and insight via the company’s SMS text interactions. Olumo will take part in anonymous exchanges to listen and learn from the employees’ experience at their workplace. Based on the data gathered, the business will then receive real time human sentiment metrics and actionable insights that will help lead the employer’s regular decision-making.

Businesses that take advantage of the DEI&B service will experience improved employee satisfaction since their workforce will feel cared for, validated, and know that their opinions are important and considered.

Olumo is dedicated to helping businesses listen, engage, act, and measure their progress. With the aid of the company’s proprietary LEAP method, organizations can enhance “The Human Experience at Work”. The company is also offering no-cost 30-minute consultations and a downloadable DEI&B campaign brochure which can be found on their website.

A spokesperson for the company said: “In today’s “experience economy”, organizations need to be working harder than ever to create cultures that attract, engage, develop, and retain their people, all while delivering business results. Olumo helps organizations build a people-focused culture through a data-driven approach.”

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