Deer Supplement Blend And Attractant For Hunters Launched

Eastern NC-based Big Buck Labs has launched a deer supplement called Rack Crack. It contains minerals, supplements, and aromatics to attract deer and help them grow strong and healthy antlers.

Big Buck Labs based in Eastern, NC has launched a new mineral and supplement blend for deer. The company says antler and body growth is improved, and deer patterning becomes easier when hunters place mineral sites, in chosen areas, particularly near high traffic game trails, and replenish every four weeks from early spring through the fall hunting season. In turn, deer will return to the sites in an almost addicted nature regularly to check the sites, also improving the hunter’s ability to pattern them during hunting season.

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The newly launched product, Rack Crack, is the ideal blend for deer nutrition, while supporting growth and development, and aids in patterning for the hunting season. All the products developed and supplied by Big Bucks Labs are of high-quality, made from only the best sources of nutrients, minerals, and aromatics available. Each batch is made and tested to ensure customers receive a consistent and quality product. There are no fillers or by-products in Rack Crack, or any other product sold by the company. The veteran-owned and family operated business prides itself on supplying all-American products.

Rack Crack is backed by science and has been rigorously field tested by scores of seasoned hunters across a number of states before being released to market. It is a long-range attractant developed to provide essential nutrients and minerals that help deer to grow healthier and improve antler development.

It is the combination of long-range aromatic apple scent, with a sweet and salty flavor that deer will be drawn to. The composition of Rack Crack – calcium plus nine other essential minerals – is what deer crave and need for body and antler development. It is available to purchase in two different sizes: 10 or 20 pounds, comes ready to take into your hunting area and use right out of the bag.

Hunters interested in using Rack Crack should pay special attention to the site they select. Ideally, they should aim to choose locations near active game trails or natural feeding areas. In a cleared area of roughly four feet in diameter, Hunters should spread between eight to ten pounds of Rack Crack mineral supplement. Reapplying to the same area is recommended every four weeks.

A company spokesperson said: “For best results, hunters should be using Rack Crack right now. Ideally, it should be dispersed in carefully selected locations from early spring through to late fall – when minerals are most needed for antler and body development.”

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