Decentralized Blockchain Powered Alternative Investment Marketplace Announced

A new decentralized platform has been announced that is set to revolutionize the investment market. Smart Valor democratizes access to borderless wealth and investment opportunities.

A new blockchain powered investment marketplace is set to revolutionize the market by directly connecting asset issuers and all kinds of investors around the globe. Smart Valor is a blockchain based platform that provides a decentralized, community based marketplace for tokenized alternative investments.

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The team behind Smart Valor explains that, just like the internet democratized access to information, they are aiming to democratize access to alternative investments and improving liquidity of those investments in a frictionless and secure manner.

Smart Valor is designed for investors, asset issuers, community contributors, and service providers. It allows investors to access previously inaccessible investment opportunities, and get safe haven protection for their wealth.

For asset issuers, it allows them to access and engage with new investor audiences and raise funds faster through guided, fully compliant asset tokenization.

Meanwhile, community contributors can be part of a movement that is shaping the future of finance – and service providers can promote their support services to a captive audience.

The team behind Smart Valor highlights that the key behind the platform is tokenized alternative investment opportunities. Tokenization is the conversion of rights to an asset into a cryptographic token issued on the blockchain.

There are a number of benefits to placing assets on the blockchain in this way. For example, they get a decentralized record of ownership, smart contract based execution, and 24/7 access, able to be traded any time.

Smart Valor’s creators state: “We believe passionately that global investments should be simple, fair and accessible to everyone. Making this a reality is what drives us.”

They add: “Smart Valor has been created to achieve these goals. Our platform democratizes access to borderless wealth and investment opportunities – independent of home state intervention.”

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Release ID: 449455