Decatur Car Dealership Buy & Rent Golf Carts Family Vehicle Deal Launched

Two new deals have been struck by Decatur car dealership, Beltline Motors, which prides itself on its high levels of customer service. These allow people to now get golf carts in addition to vehicles, and improve the buying process.

A Decatur car dealership called Beltline Motors has announced two new deals to improve their service. These include a partnership with Decatur Golf ars, LLC, which means that they now offer golf cart rentals and sales on the lot, and they also partnered with TaxMax, which means customers can bring in their W-2s and file their taxes at the dealership, ready to drive away in a vehicle.

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Beltline Motors prides itself on its high levels of customer service, which is the company’s distinguishing factor in a market where too many car dealers don’t put the customer first. Beltline provides the highest levels of customer service before and after the sale.

In a time when customers often complain about the lack of service they’re receiving from companies that they deal with, Beltline is creating its own niche by placing the customer experience at the top of the list when it comes to importance.

This high level of customer facing friendly focus is provided at every level of the business, whether customers are buying the new line of golf carts or looking to get their dream car for themselves or a member of their family.

Golf carts save time on the golf course and allow golfers with movement trouble to still enjoy their favorite sport without worrying about how they’re going to get around. The new line of carts available at Beltline Motors is in proud partnership with Decatur Gold Cars.

In addition to this, a wide range of luxury vehicles are available in a range of different sizes and colors. Cars can be filtered by price, year, make and model, as well as mileage. This means that customers can hone in on exactly the type of car they would like and get the best deal.

Cars include the Cadillac STS V6 Sedan, a collection of Fords, including the Focus and a 1998 Mustang, and other popular vehicles to suit a wide range of needs.

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