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A debt reduction app, called DebtGo, has been launched on the App Store and Google Play. It offers detailed financial guidance alongside competitions to win debt-reduction payouts.

A new financial education and debt reduction app has been launched, called DebtGo. The aim of the platform is to help more people become more financially literate, allowing them to take responsibility for their life.

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The new app has been launched to help more users achieve their finance goals. With the impact of the pandemic still affecting families around the world, data shows that debt is surging.

Many families took out loans and credit cards to help manage their financial situation while their work closed down or jobs were lost. However, these actions can lead to debt spirals, and without the right guidance, these can be difficult to escape.

With DebtGo, users can become more financially literate. They can also take part in a new special offer, which helps people to pay off their debts if they win a daily contest.

Users will find that’s DebtGo allows them to master their financial journey and improve their financial responsibility.

The app is free, quick and easy for users to enjoy. They just have to watch a 30-second financial literacy videos to earn a ticket, which automatically enters them in the contest.

For every win, the team sends out money to help users manage and pay off their debt. Through this incentive-based approach, DebtGo aims to provide the tools needed to create financial stability.

The mobile app is available on both the App Store and Google Play. Users are able to watch as many videos as they like, giving them more chance to win.

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There are a number of benefits to reducing debt using DebtGo. Early repayment of debt can lead to less risk, because users don’t have to worry about collection agencies calling or having their vehicle repossessed.

Improving credit score can also lead to better job prospects, while reducing stress. The company states: “There is no limit to winning. The more you play, the better your chances to win are. Every contest is different, and winners are selected randomly. Your chances to win are up to you.”

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