Debt Management Solutions Affordable DMP IVA Financial Advice Service Launched

A debt management service has been launched from DMP Finance for people looking to reduce their debts by up to 85% if they are struggling with payments.

DMP Finance has launched its debt management services for people looking for help in paying off their debts with formal debt management plans that can cut peoples existing debt by up to 85%.

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The updated services from DMP Finance can give people who are struggling with debt an affordable debt management solution. Their services include helping clients to freeze and consolidate their debts into a manageable payment plan.

With the current global pandemic, many people across the country are seeing strains on their finances. Furloughed workers and a reduction in working hours are affecting households with financial uncertainty for the future exacerbating their stress and anxiety.

DMP Finance can evaluate a client’s current level of debt, along with their income and develop a debt management plan solution for their needs. The plan aims consolidate off all of a client’s outstanding debts in one manageable payment plan that is affordable based on their current situation.

The company helps clients to freeze their existing debts, preventing the debt from increasing further from interest and other charges. Furthermore, by setting up a formal payment plan, the client will stop receiving calls and letters from their creditors as they are now actively working towards paying off their debt.

The service from DMP Finance can cut peoples debts by up to 85% through savings in frozen charges and reduced monthly payments. Additionally, the ability to track the payments and remaining debt can give customers a date where they can see themselves being debt-free.

A previous client of DMP Finance said: “I can’t recommend these guys enough! Lee was so helpful from start to finish, I felt comfortable discussing my finances with him, and he explained everything thoroughly to me. I can’t thank you all enough for all your help!”

DMP Finance offers free, confidential debt management advice for customers to see if they qualify for help with no obligation. If required, DMP Finance can help customers create debt management plans, individual voluntary arrangements and debt consolidation loans depending on the customer’s needs.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website mentioned above.

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